Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A day in my not so boring life

Since I joined BC Bloggers, I found some interesting topics to blog about, or what they call memes.  I'm new at this meme stuff, so bear with me.

Anyway, as the title suggests, this post is about my boring daily schedule.  It actually varies depending on the days.  Here goes...


5:30 - the yaya wakes me and my kids up to eat breakfast and get ready for school/dialysis.

6:00 - I have to be ready to go for dialysis, or else I will be late.  Bunso is already ready and will be going to school with yaya now.  Kuya is left behind.  Ate will be coming with me during Mondays since she doesn't have classes every Monday.  Kuya will go to school around 6:30.  Bunso and Kuya goes to the same school, however, Bunso is in the Star Section and on the honor roll so he needs to come to school earlier.  He said he has other obligations in the morning.

6:30 - I arrive at NCM for dialysis, pays, gets hooked up, settles and wait for it to finish.  It's finished around 11-12:00 depends on what time I arrive and get hooked up.  During that time, I just go online and play my games on my iPhone.  Since my right hand is the one hooked up, I cannot type that well.  Some patients can work during this time using their laptops, but I can't.  I eat after I get hooked up, or after an hour.   You get hungry during dialysis kasi.

12:00 - my brother or Papa fetches me from NCM and we eat lunch at home.  I rest for some time, sometimes I sleep and wake up when my kids arrive or earlier.  If I couldn't sleep, I go online again, this time using the PC.  I check out blogs, etc.  I also work on my Special Project (sort of thesis) for my M.A. which I have to finish this sem. :((

3-4:30 - Kuya and Bunso arrives from school.  It all depends on their schedule for the day that's why 3-4:30.  They eat merienda (rice and viand), and they go online to do their homework.  They fight over ridiculous things, I referee.  If Ate has school she arrives around this time as well and eat and go online, too.  We are all slaves of the internet. 

7:00 - dinner with the whole family.

7:30 - TV time, DVD time, online...

9-9:30 - I battle with my kids so they can sleep.  "15 more minutes" is the common phrase here.

10:00 - sleep time for me, although this extends up until 2am sometimes.


Almost the same, except that I don't go to Dialysis.  My morning is then spent doing tedious tasks.


Ate goes to school in the morning; the boys sleep in; I go to PNU to check things with my thesis adviser; goes home after lunch or so; kids have art lessons at home; Kuya may have violin lessons; plays with the kids; go online


Goes to Church for the 8:30 am Mass at Don Bosco since Anton is in the Children's Choir; sometimes go to Waltermart and eat or just look around; accompany Kuya to his violin lessons; go online.

This is my typical schedule.  No fuss. I wish I have a job to do.  I'm thinking of working at home, but I don't know how to do it yet.  I'm in no hurry though since I have to also finish my thesis.

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