Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tear For Fears

This is a very late post on my Tears for Fears concert experience in Manila on August 10, 2012.  :)

My cousins and I planned this for months.  They initially wanted to watch at Waterfront Cebu, but I told them I couldn't go so we opted to watch in Manila.  They bought my ticket for me at SM Ticketnet, which my Mom then paid later.  We were seated on Upper Box worth Php2,640.00.

To say that it was awesome was an understatement, however, I'm getting ahead of myself. 

On August 10, we went there early to avoid the traffic.  We ate at Gumbo first to pass the time.  Before that we scouted for places to eat out, and saw Sumo Sam.  We saw a man (probably a waiter) scooping out rice and placing it in styro food containers.  We all thought maybe this was for relief good for the flood.   What's bad about it was where the rice was being scooped from.  The rice was placed in a garbage bin!  It was lined with plastic, but still.  A garbage bin?  It was like the one on top, but it was blue.  I was really disgusted when I saw it.  Our mistake was we weren't able to take a picture of it.  When we came back, however, it's gone.  I then sent a tweet to both Marvin Agustin and Sumo Sam, but I haven't heard from them. 

Anyway, on to the concert!

almost empty
The first act was Per Sorensen of Fra Lippo Lippi.  He was great! His voice didn't change at all! He sounded just like his records.  He started off with Beauty and Madness and the crowd went wild!  He didn't disappoint.  His band also included his son, the keyboardist, who looks like him when he was younger.

The next act was by Carina Round, who also performed with Tears for Fears as backup, with a Jewel-like voice and asked the audience to participate with her during her last song.

Tears for Fears!
Then, came the duo.  Oh my Lord, the crowd was all screaming and jumping around.  They're not kidding when Roland Orzabal said that their concert in Manila the first time was like a legend.  This time around, I was there to be a part of it!  They started off with Everybody Wants to Rule the World and ended with Shout, which we literally did.

I was waiting for Woman in Chains and I was about to be disappointed during their bow out, but they came back and sang it (before Shout)!  I was in love.  I used that song as my acting piece in my class when I was in college.  I almost cried! Ssssh... don't tell my cousins! Hahahaha!

I hope I can still watch again when they come back, which I hope they will.

Thanks Roland and Curt! I love you still!

See a video (not mine, because mine has a lot of screaming in it) here:

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