Monday, August 06, 2012

The Darker Shade of the RH Bill

I have read the RH Bill. Let's get that off as early as now. I admit, the good intentions are there. But, good intentions even with (what they said was) proper study is not without ill effects. I get it. Educate the masses about pregnancy and family planning in all aspects MAY reduce unwanted pregnancies, HIV, and abortion. It MAY control population explosion. It MAY help our economy.

But MAY is not good enough for me. How about the WHAT IFS of this scenario? How about the SIDE EFFECTS of the BCPs (birth control pills)?

I asked my doctor before when I just had my daughter of the risks of taking BCPs. She said there is a slight risk of cancer, heart attack and stroke. Yes, but since my husband and I were young and in love, I took them anyway.

After months of taking them religiously, I forgot a day. Just one day. I took them again the next day and 2 months after I was rushed to the hospital for bleeding. I lost a baby. My husband was furious when he knew that I missed a day. Instead of being sympathetic, he was angry at me.  But that's another story.

Well, technically I was told not to worry because there was no baby. There were no eyes, ears... There weren't even limbs. The big blob inside my uterus was inhuman. It didn't form the way it should because "luckily," according to my doctor, I was on the pill. It was, suffice it to say, aborted. 

When all the procedure was done, I was left in the room with my sister-in-law and I cried. When she asked why, I said it was because I killed my own child. Until now I ask for forgiveness for taking those pills. And after then I didn't take them anymore.  I thought, I don't care if I get pregnant.

I did every after 2 years until on my 3rd baby, my doctor ligated my tubes.  My husband wanted it done, and my doctor said it has to be done since I'm on caesarian section.  You might ask me what we did for me not to get pregnant within those two years, well... nothing.  I just didn't get pregnant.  The two pregnancies after were products of "fighting." :)

Since I am never gonna be pregnant anymore, why does the RH bill matter to me?  According to half of the country, it will help us all.  Let me tell you just five reasons why I don't like the RH Bill.
1.  I am a Catholic.

As most of you.  I am no moralist, though.  I have committed sins and mistakes as I have already pointed out.  However, we're talking about millions of people here.  Not just me.  I heard what the Church has to say, they showed it via video in our Parish Church.  And as for me, they made total sense.

Yes, their priests are sinners, too. Aren't we all?  The problem with that premise is... it's not the issue here.  We Filipinos like to dig up past mistakes and bring them every time they can see a hole to shove it through.  We'll dig up Pacquiao's wife taking the pill; we'll drag the names of Tito Sotto's wife and children.  You get the picture.

2.  The side-effects of BCPs.

  • Nausea
  • Weight gain
  • Sore or swollen breasts
  • Small amount of blood, or spotting, between periods
  • Lighter periods
  • Mood changes
  • Abdominal pain (stomach pain)
  • Chest pain
  • Headaches (severe)
  • Eye problems (blurred vision)
  • Swelling and/or aching in the legs and thighs
and those "slight risks" of cancer, heart attack and strokes.  Remember, we women are gonna take them; and take note that BCPs doesn't always work.  The label in the packet says 99.69% accurate. So, when all these mothers suffer from these side effects, what will we do with them?

3.  I believe there are more helpful causes to put my tax money into.  (Yes, I do pay taxes.)

Ha! There goes our tax money.  Let's finance the country's project to be as immoral as we can be.  What's next? Legalizing abortion?

There's dialysis (self-serving, I know).  There's education. Yeah, yeah, I know the RH Bill may prevent population explosion, thus housing, orphans, and food supply problems will decrease.  We'll never know unless we tried, right?  But who's gonna suffer if it fails?  Tell me that.

4.  I believe that the best way to control the population is to control our children.

Let's face it.  We give too much freedom to our kids.  I grew up learning how to fix my own bed when I wake up in the morning.  I learned how to make my own breakfast.  I learned how to do the laundry, iron clothes, and buy food from the wet market.  I learned how to sew, how to clean the house, do the dishes.  I learned to finish my homework without copy-pasting anything from the internet.  I learned to give respect to elders.  I learned how not to talk back to anyone older than me.  Even if my parents didn't talk to me about the birds and the bees, I knew then that kissing a boy was reserved for when you have a relationship.

What do kids learn nowadays?  Let's give that a thought; and then tell me that educating our children about using pills and condoms can help us control population explosion.  Let's tell them, "Yes, son.  Girls get pregnant, but if you don't want her to be so, slip on this rubber."  Ooooo.... here comes the experimental stage.

As hard-headed my kids are with regards to turning off the wi-fi, when I tell my eldest daughter to be home by 6, expect to see her home by 5:30.  One of our neighbors asked me, "How come I don't see your children?"  That's because they don't stay outdoors like the other kids.  Not that they don't want to, but it's just how they were brought up.

5.  Corruption.

Oh please.  Do not tell me there won't be. 

This post's comments section will be turned off.  Not that I don't want to be criticized, or that I cannot answer negative comments.  It's simply because you have your opinion and I've got mine.  I've got my blog to post them, and you can build one for yours. I've thought about this as hard as my two college degrees and a continuing Master's could.  Nobody can sway me from my beliefs and I think that you'll just waste your time in commenting.

I don't like the RH Bill.  I didn't say that I hate it.  I just don't like it.  Maybe I'd like it better if a law was passed that will discipline the Filipino people; not a law that will give them more freedom to be morally corrupt.

As I've said, the intentions are there. I cannot reiterate that as much.  The country needs help, that is for sure.  As of the proposed method, that is a gray area.  More than 50 shades darker, I presume.

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