Monday, August 06, 2012

Unboxing The LG Optimus Pro

So, for being with Smart for more than two years, they called me and gave me an option to get a new Samsung Pocket, or the LG Optimus Pro as a new phone, provided I agree to be with them for another two years.

My old plan was Plan 800 consumable.  I downgraded it to Plan 500 because my husband and I can now talk via Viber, so there's really no need for a higher plan.  I chose the LG because my Dad, Mom, and niece are all using Samsung and I wanted to see how different it is. :))  However, downgrading to Plan 500 does not entitle me to the LG, so I had to pay 1,550.

So anyway, it came after 5 days (yes, they delivered).  As you can see, I took pictures.  @.@  I was a like a kid with a new toy.

 It also came with a paper bag. 

battery, charger, manual, headset, micro SD 2GB included

Hm... fits fine.
It's the same size as my iPhone4, but bigger than my MyPhone.
Picture quality can be compared to that of the lower-end phones, like the Samsung mini

What I liked about it was it came in white (like my iPhone4), and that it's Android already.  It's touch and type, so it's a little convenient.  Touch screen is ok.

I haven't had the time to explore it yet, but one downside is the memory.  An error message sometimes pops up saying that I need to stop other programs, etc.  I haven't tried putting music in it either.  I only have 2GB microSD mem so I'm not sure just how many songs I can save in it, or how it really sounds like.

But maybe in a few days... But for now, I'm enjoying playing Bubble Shoot. I can't get past Level 79! :(

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