Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What's in My Bag?

I have been reading fashion and living blogs, and I'm fascinated on how they keep appearances. I drool at their clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories; secretly wishing I am as rich or famous as they are.

Anyway, I am inspired to do a "What's in My Bag" post after seeing it in a magazine somewhere.

This is the "dukha" version. No frills. No designer labels. Just the usual pharmacy items. Here goes.

My favorite bag is a dark plum color which I bought from SM some time ago. It's big enough to house my usual "dialysis" day stuff and more. I don't even care if it does not go with the color of my clothes. I wanted to go back and buy another one in black but they ran out.

I usually bring the following:

  • A big scarf that I use as a blanket
  • My cool flat wallet that I got at Robinson's for 150 bucks (a lot has been asking)
  • My floral coin purse I got from Landmark at less than 200
  • An umbrella (my mom always tells me that we live in a tropical country; rain or shine, an umbrella and fan are staples)
  • Water
  • Hairbrush (this is new)
  • Katinko (staple)
  • Bag organizer
  • A small wallet for my cellphones and earphones

This bag organizer has been with me for years. I love it because It's easy to change bags. You just pick it out and put it in another bag. Actually, this isn't the usual organizer, it's just a toiletries bag. Inside it are a few staples like:

  • Alcohol
  • Vicks vaporub and inhaler (for when my nose is stuffy and I start coughing)
  • Compact mirror
  • EOS lipbalm (very nice and minty)
  • Avon lipbalm (for when I need tint)
  • Flashdisk
  • Rosary (uncle gave me this)
  • Spiritual goodies (from one of my besties Anne)
  • A necklace from my daughter
  • Calchews (I can't take big tablets)
  • A hairpin
  • IDs
  • Loose change (for when you forget your coinpurse)
  • Keys

And then sometimes you'll find movie tickets, candy wrappers, wrapped toothpicks, receipts, and RECORMON stubs (I collect these because I can exchange 10 for 1 RECORMON injection free).

Not in the photos are some things that I also usually bring, like my fan (which is missing as of this post probably my daughter took it), a book, my ebook reader, food, and candies.

As I am just your usual sick-mother-who-has-nothing-to-do-at-home kind, I don't have that much luxury of personal items. Most funds are for the children and my healthcare. So if I am to buy a new bag, I'd have to think twice and then forget about it and just spend the money on a trip to the mall with the children, or on a life-prolonging process called dialysis. :))

So there. There aren't much and it's a boring bag. But I've done it! I feel sooooo like a fashionista! :))

I have done this post before I joined BC Bloggers, and this is the meme for August 22, so I just changed the date for this post.  :)

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