Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sandman... please.

After lab tests and a visit to the doctor, my little big boy asked me what the doctor said and what the tests revealed. He confronted me with his concerned stares and his usual what-is-that/s and What-does-that-mean/s every time I came from the doctor. 

Jargons he couldn't understand, feelings he couldn't express... 

His last question would always be "Nakaka-deds yun?" 

How could a mother answer that? You almost lie, and just say "Not all the time. It depends." 

But little boys know when something is up and will eventually join u in bed, talk to u some more, asking for reassurance, until the Sandman takes over. 


#myreasonsforbreathing #iloveyoubabe

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My First Incoming Mail!

Woohoo! I got my first mail from one of my penpals! 

I'm a little pissed that it was partially open and a game card was missing. Damn you, mailman slash thief!

I was so happy about it that I replied right away. Ahahahaha! 

Want to be penpals? Write to me at Female only!

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Proud Moment

Sept. 14 was my sons' giving of report cards. I was surprised that both of them did great!

Here is Arolf's report card:

Happy that his teacher dis not give him a 75 on CL like I was told before. He lacked assignments, etc. 

He also got Best in MAPEH (music, arts, PE, health) and was Top 9 of his class! This is our second year that he is in the Top. High school ain't bad after all. :)

Anton's report card reflects how smart he is:

It's no wonder he's in Top 3!

Also Best in TLE (technology and livelihood). 

And a deportment (conduct) awardee! 

I am truly blessed to have three wonderful children in my life. They are my treasures! I love you kids, my reasons for breathing. 

Goody's Come Play 2013 Event

I remembered my grandmother always had Goody clips from the USA in her packages for me when I was little. I lived in Goody heaven until I grew up and forgot about style and durability, and went for cheap imitations. 

As a mother of three without a job, I didn't actually have a choice. But, I saw that GoodyPH is going to have its #ComePlay2013 event at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium and I wanted to attend and see what the fuss is all about. So I bought neutral-colored stay put headbands and I was hooked! I use them a lot! Coz they do really stay in place!

So I got my invite and went to the event held last September 14. I wasn't able to watch the blogger/stylists during their talk coz I have a birthday party to attend. But I was able to attend the braiding workshop by Chase Chua. She looked pretty and she did a good job even going around to see if the ladies were following her instructions correctly. 

I also saw Alyanna Martinez! I was starstruck coz she looked really pretty. I got shy so didn't go through the consultation but she seems nice and very soft spoken. 

I had a free manicure from Beauty and Butter, was able to have my picture taken from the Fuji Instax booth, another picture from the Wacoal booth, got a keychain and voucher from Flipsters, an ecobag and flashcards from Avent, decorated a Krispy Kreme donut, and of course, got a Goody lootbag with a couple of ouchless hair ties, makeup sponges from Nippon, and a lipbalm from Celeteque. 

All-in-all it was a lot of fun. I even got to befriend one person who's now in my IG list of followers. 

Looking forward to another event, Goody!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dialysis Essentials

I've been going to a center for dialysis for 3 years now. I started with 2x a week, now at 3x a week. I gained weight, now at 59 kilos. My lab results are still bad. I think it's because I tend to eat like a normal person, forgetting that I'm a dialysis patient. Ugh.

Anyway, whenever I go in, I need a lot of things with me for a comfortable session. Here is my list of essentials:

My iPhone,earphones,Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. Luckily, the center has free wifi. I listen to music, go online, and watch movies on them. Makes 4 hours bearable. 

Katinko ointment and Five Cranes menthol stick. I can't live without these! Since I get itchy during dialysis, I put on Katinko almost everywhere. It's cooling properties help with the itching. I use Five Cranes on my forehead, neck, and on top of my lips. It helps calm my senses. 

Candies, food, and water. I tend to be hypoglycemic so I need a little sugar to keep that in check. 

A pillow and small blanket. These are available at the center but I like bringing my own for hygienic purposes. 

Alcohol, comb, tissue, cologne, pads, rosary, wallet are staples in my bag.

How about you?  What do you bring during your session?


I have been updating my blog, Exploring Possibilities, for almost a week now since I found out that some of my links were not working already.  I update the directories (which took forever!), and I am currently looking for the centers/schools Facebook pages and add them to the directory.  I found out that a lot of centers already have pages and they post some very helpful stuff in them as well. Anyway, links are in my left-hand sidebar.

I am having difficulty with the directory, or maybe it's blogger's fault, because when I publish an error always comes up.  I wanted to add colors to the posting so the readers can distinguish names, but I think it's causing problems.  I edit and copy-paste from MS Word to blogger, so I think that's the reason also.

I've been getting positive feedback regarding the directory and I feel so great about it all.  It's good to know that I can be of help to other people.  Thanks to the NCDA, primarily of course, where I got the list and to everyone who sends me email requests to change or include their centers on the list.

I know I don't have much time writing posts that are of significance anymore, what with my tri-weekly dialysis sessions, but through Facebook, I can still share some useful stuff that I read from other Facebook pages.  I just wish that Facebook has a share to blogger function already!  So, anyway, you can like my Facebook page to get useful tips and info about autism and other related disorders.  Links are again on my left-hand sidebar.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hay Day

Out of all the game apps on the iphone, I can say that I like Hay Day the most. It's a farming game, much like Farmville, etc. maybe because of its interface, but I find it nice and a little addictive. Nothing spoils from the cookery. Orders are produced and sold via boat or bulletin orders. You can also fish for the fish meat. There's a marketplace where users can buy and sell produce and other materials. Users can help others in their farms by clicking on signs. All-in-all it's a nice game that can teach children discipline and hard work. I wish it becomes available on android too. Anyway, I'm level 41 now. Pics below:

Imbento Saturday

Since yesterday was a holiday, my kids have school today. I made them snackboxes, of course. 

This one is Anea's. I was not able to cook rice due to lack of time so I told her she could just buy from the canteen if she wants to eat rice, but I added chicken nuggets, if ever, for viand. Apples for her fruit, and boiled egg for added protein. 

Dale and Anton's snackboxes: 

Cheese sandwich, boiled egg, hotdogs, apples. Half only coz I'm sure they won't be able to finish if whole. 

I wake up at 4am so I can fix this. What more of I do what others do like add decors or shape their food or somethig?! Can't do that really.  I also do not like adding food coloring to my kids' food, like I saw with others. I just think that the natural color of food is more appetizing. :)

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Im-Bento Thursday

Well I didn't wake up early today so I have limited time. Luckily, Tony requested for just a sandwich for his snacks.

Used ham, cheese, egg and mayo for his and Anea's sandwiches. Anea texted me now though to use different bread next time coz she didn't like the crust of the one I used. 

For Dale, it's chocolate pancakes made with lotsa love. :) He told me yesterday that he became popular in the class again because of his snackboxes. Unfortunately, his classmates ate most of his snacks daw. :(

Anyway, since Anea got jealous over her brothers' snackboxes, I made two for her as well. This one is for lunch: heart shaped rice and egg rolls with ham. 

This one is for snacks: sandwich, gello, pineapple, and gummy bears. 

I don't know how long I'm going to do this, but I am actually enjoying it. I just need some silicone cup dividers, picks, and sauce bottles and no more buying of bento stuff. My kids are no longer kids na naman... In a few years they will not ask for snacks na. Just enjoying the time now...

My friends and family have been telling me how good a mom I am for doing this. I just told them i just have time coz I stay at home.  Unlike them who gets to work because they are healthy! :))

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I went to Robinson's Malate earlier today to scout for bento stuff at Saizen, the Japanese store. Aside from the stuff I got, I learned that there is a food stall that actually sells green mango with bagoong now! Heavenly!  I tried it and I wasn't able to take a picture because I was walking while eating. It was soooo delicious. Well, maybe because I am addicted to green mangoes! I am a certified mango addict and I can eat it everyday. Although bagoong is bawal for me, I couldn't resist. The carabao mango was just right. The bagoong, not too salty and not too sweet. There are actually options to choose from whether you like it more sweet or spicy. You can also choose between the mangoes or singkamas. I haven't seen the stall around Makati. Hopefully, Mango-ong will soon have branches nearby. :)

Photo from


Because I saw an Instagram post on bento (Japanese decorative snackboxes), I also became a little excited on trying it out. I wanted to change how my kids eat because it's always chocolate cookies and such. 

This was my first try:  

Cheese sandwiches with fruit loops and crackers. I made the sandwiches using the bento tool i bought from Japan Home. 

Tomorrow I plan on making ham and cheese with toast, and gelatin with pineapple chunks. 

Crossing my fingers that the kids eat them. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Galaxy Note 8.0

My mom gave me a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 for graduating from my MA.  The apps available from the play store aren't quite at par with the apple store, but the device's capabilities have promise. I like the S pen a lot. The big screen is just right for watching movies while I'm on dialysis. :)

Japan Home

I have been going to Japan Home just to window shop but now they have cool
stuff that I actually bought some. 

They now have accessories, hair extensions, and bento stuff. Pics below. 

All for 88 each.  Nice, huh?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Resorts World Manila Family Fun Fair

I was invited to attend Resorts World Manila's Family Fun Fair event last Saturday by Lourdes Labii of Nanay's Lunches With Love since she was going to present in a workshop for preparing healthy snacks for kids.  I wanted to meet her finally so my family attended the event.

There were a handful of booths selling fashion accessories, shirts, bags, toys, educational materials, etc and there are booths that offer clay art, balloon twisting, face painting, and paper art for free.  I found the booths okay, however, the ones manning them need to smile more often and be more encouraging.  The clay art booth and face painting booth were okay.  The face painter was superb!  He was painting children (and adults, too!) nonstop because he was that good.  We had to ask the one from balloon twisting to make us one and the one from the paper art if we could join.  They didn't encourage people to join them, or try out their stuff.

The workshops were okay, but the presenters were on a high stage.  I don't think it was an effective way to conduct a workshop, even if there is a widescreen television.  It would have been better if the presenter is situated within the crowd, besides there weren't that many people.

In any case, it was still a good way to spend the weekend with family.  Until the next event!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Puffed Flowers Crazy

Well today I made puffed flowers! Again, I learned how to do it from a Youtube tutorial video. 

I sew them together and made a hair tie out of them. 

Unfortunately, my daughter who is already 18 and not girly at all doesn't want to wear it. I probably will give it to my niece instead. :))

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Peter Pan Collar Crazy

I saw a video tutorial on how to crochet a  Peter Pan Collar on Youtube yesterday and I started making one in pink cotton yarn. It was so pretty I made another one in white. :)

Next time I think I would do one with pearls. 👍

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Crazy Crochet

I learned the basic stitches of crochet when I was in elementary. My teacher made me do a huge granny square. I hae been crocheting every now and then but it is only now that I have found a passion for it. 

I am watching a lot of Youtube tutorial videos for different kinds of crochet pieces, and I have done some of them. I am practicing my stitches and learning new techniques from these videos. Here are some of my work so far:

Some of them are "failures," but I still think I did ok. 😅 So, anyway, I am going to post my work here from now on, and I also have an Instagram (crazy_crochet) account just for my (mis)adventures in crochet. I hope someday I can be as good as the tutors so I can also do tutorial videos for you guys. Ta-tah!