Saturday, June 22, 2013

Candy Crush

Like many others, I too, have been addicted to Candy Crush at one point or another.  I've been stuck at levels for weeks, even a month.  I took a break from playing since I started to play Hay Day, but I'm trying to play again, now at level 265.

Why do you think Candy Crush is addicting?  Pleasure and pain, both addicting, makes a great combo for Candy Crush.  Pleasure, when you go through a level; and, pain when the blasted bombs go off!  And, yeah, when you ran out of lives.  No.... I did not go cheat by time travel.  Personally, it's the feeling of calmness after playing and getting through a level that got me.  It's like a drug.

However, at the end of the day, when all you did was play, win, lose, wait for a life, play again... you will realize that everything you did was for nothing.  You did not gain from it (just bragging rights when you're the highest level between you and your friends), you did not change the world, you did not earn money... nothing.  I have wasted days on that game and now I'm over it.  Yes, I will still play, but, just because I need to pass the time, like maybe during dialysis.

Now, Hay Day.... that's another story.

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