Saturday, June 15, 2013

Done! and other stuff....

Yes!  I am finished with my M.A.

The question now is... "what now?"  Seriously, I don't know.  Since I am on dialysis forever, I don't know if I can still work or if a company still want to hire me.  I am planning to apply as a part-time professor somewhere, I am looking for online work, etc.

Anyway, I have this terrible pain on my right arm.  I cannot lift it all the way up.  Changing clothes has never been so challenging.  :))  I think it's because of too much typing on the PC for my thesis.  It happened to me before in college.  It was called carpal tunnel syndrome.  Follow the link for the explanation.

I remember it took 2 months for the pain to go away.  It's been almost a month now.  I hope that it goes away soon!


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