Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lesson Learned

I am an active Instagrammer.  I post pictures of what interests me.  There was one Instagrammer who I struck a conversation with.  She is also a dialysis patient.  She was asking help from the numerous actors and actresses also on IG.

Since I was "pakialamera," but I opted to label myself as "helpful," I told her things she needed to know in order to get a transplant.  Going to the PCSO, mayors, councilors, the usual government organizations where help is available.  I told her if she is going to ask actors/actresses "baka matagalan ka."  You can view what I said here.

She then made me look like I was insinuating that what I did was wrong, words like "wala siyang mapapala sa paglapit sa mga artista; and, wala siyang tinatapakang tao."  Which I NEVER insinuated.  I said "matatagalan" which is completely different from "walang mapapala."

Sigh.  I guess I should never comment on others especially when they didn't ask for my opinion.  She also posted on her IG what I said (which is a different version), and people were like... opinionated too.  The post was deleted, from what I can see at her page now.  I really do not care about what they say, because I know I was right and I didn't do and say anything wrong.  I am posting this now on my blog to help me remember that I SHOULD NEVER COMMENT on others anymore.  If I have an idea about what I read/see, I should just post them on my own page.

I blocked and unfollowed her not because I was mad or angry at her.  I just did that to avoid another misunderstanding.  Besides, we're not really friends but just acquaintances. I also did not want to see negative posts, because she posts things insinuating suicide and giving up.  I do not need more negativity in my life.  I have enough problems to deal with and opening my IG seeing her negative posts will just get me down.

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