Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dialysis Essentials

I've been going to a center for dialysis for 3 years now. I started with 2x a week, now at 3x a week. I gained weight, now at 59 kilos. My lab results are still bad. I think it's because I tend to eat like a normal person, forgetting that I'm a dialysis patient. Ugh.

Anyway, whenever I go in, I need a lot of things with me for a comfortable session. Here is my list of essentials:

My iPhone,earphones,Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. Luckily, the center has free wifi. I listen to music, go online, and watch movies on them. Makes 4 hours bearable. 

Katinko ointment and Five Cranes menthol stick. I can't live without these! Since I get itchy during dialysis, I put on Katinko almost everywhere. It's cooling properties help with the itching. I use Five Cranes on my forehead, neck, and on top of my lips. It helps calm my senses. 

Candies, food, and water. I tend to be hypoglycemic so I need a little sugar to keep that in check. 

A pillow and small blanket. These are available at the center but I like bringing my own for hygienic purposes. 

Alcohol, comb, tissue, cologne, pads, rosary, wallet are staples in my bag.

How about you?  What do you bring during your session?

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