Thursday, August 01, 2013

Im-Bento Thursday

Well I didn't wake up early today so I have limited time. Luckily, Tony requested for just a sandwich for his snacks.

Used ham, cheese, egg and mayo for his and Anea's sandwiches. Anea texted me now though to use different bread next time coz she didn't like the crust of the one I used. 

For Dale, it's chocolate pancakes made with lotsa love. :) He told me yesterday that he became popular in the class again because of his snackboxes. Unfortunately, his classmates ate most of his snacks daw. :(

Anyway, since Anea got jealous over her brothers' snackboxes, I made two for her as well. This one is for lunch: heart shaped rice and egg rolls with ham. 

This one is for snacks: sandwich, gello, pineapple, and gummy bears. 

I don't know how long I'm going to do this, but I am actually enjoying it. I just need some silicone cup dividers, picks, and sauce bottles and no more buying of bento stuff. My kids are no longer kids na naman... In a few years they will not ask for snacks na. Just enjoying the time now...

My friends and family have been telling me how good a mom I am for doing this. I just told them i just have time coz I stay at home.  Unlike them who gets to work because they are healthy! :))

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