Saturday, August 10, 2013

Imbento Saturday

Since yesterday was a holiday, my kids have school today. I made them snackboxes, of course. 

This one is Anea's. I was not able to cook rice due to lack of time so I told her she could just buy from the canteen if she wants to eat rice, but I added chicken nuggets, if ever, for viand. Apples for her fruit, and boiled egg for added protein. 

Dale and Anton's snackboxes: 

Cheese sandwich, boiled egg, hotdogs, apples. Half only coz I'm sure they won't be able to finish if whole. 

I wake up at 4am so I can fix this. What more of I do what others do like add decors or shape their food or somethig?! Can't do that really.  I also do not like adding food coloring to my kids' food, like I saw with others. I just think that the natural color of food is more appetizing. :)

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