Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Proud Moment

Sept. 14 was my sons' giving of report cards. I was surprised that both of them did great!

Here is Arolf's report card:

Happy that his teacher dis not give him a 75 on CL like I was told before. He lacked assignments, etc. 

He also got Best in MAPEH (music, arts, PE, health) and was Top 9 of his class! This is our second year that he is in the Top. High school ain't bad after all. :)

Anton's report card reflects how smart he is:

It's no wonder he's in Top 3!

Also Best in TLE (technology and livelihood). 

And a deportment (conduct) awardee! 

I am truly blessed to have three wonderful children in my life. They are my treasures! I love you kids, my reasons for breathing. 

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