Friday, January 03, 2014

My Kids' Achievements

My kids are growing up smart. They all have achievements of their own and I am very proud of each and everyone of them.

Anea, who is now in 2nd year college at St. Scholastica's College (B. S. IT), has been in the Dean's List and Honors' Circle since she started. 

Anton, who is in the star section since they transferred to St. Mary's, is also in the Top. His highest rank was first quarter of this school year, where he placed third in all of the 7th years. Second quarter, he was 4th. 

Dale, who we thought would have a hard time when he's in high school already, improved so much he no longer have line of 7's in his report card and has been in the Top of his class. This second quarter, he even placed 3rd in his class. 

During the awarding ceremonies, my sons gave me letters of thanks and flowers. Both were very sweet and thoughtful. 

I never did anything to make all my kids smart or whatever. I guess all I did was tell them horror stories of what they will be in the future if they don't get good grades. I guess it's effective. Hehehe. 

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