Sunday, May 18, 2014

Losing Faith in People

Yesterday, my emotions were on a roller coaster ride.  At first when I knew about the issue, I was trying very hard not to laugh.  Then, I did when my cousins and I had a talk.  But then, when I alone, I realized, it was not a laughing matter.

Being judged without a trial--that was how they treated me.  And to think they were family... or so I thought.

I posted a rant on Facebook, but deleted it when I got to talk to someone who told me she believes in me, even if she wasn't there.  I thought, it will go on and on, and relationships will be questioned and be ruined.  So, I thought, I will be the better person here and forgive these persons.

Yes, forgive.  Because I was an innocent aunt and was treated unjustly.  You did this to me, when I never treated you badly or shown you disrespect.  Remember, that when everybody else branded you as an arrogant person, I gave you the benefit of the doubt and still talked to you and treated you fairly.

Now, I see what everybody else have seen.  I will never be close to you again.  Your accusations caused a break in my heart that will take a lifetime to heal, unless some act of God happens.

And as I am ever the concerned one, please have your mother see a doctor.  I think she needs to have her eyes, ears, and brain checked.  She concocted these lies that are so flimsy, It will never hold water.

God bless you.  May you see the wonder of honest conversations and family love.

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