Monday, January 26, 2015


I started making doilies this year, and I found it very rewarding.  It was not monotonous, because you get to do different patterns every round, and when it builds up, it looks very pretty that I find myself staring at my project for a while after every round.  Haha!

I started with this one:

I used the cotton crochet thread that my brother gave me for Christmas.  I am not sure if this is Monaco or Canon.  This is the least-liked of all the colors he gave me, so I tried with this one.  It looked like someone has accidentally poured coffee on it, thus making me call this project "Spilt Coffee."  Hahaha.

I made this next, and this is called a "Grape Harvest" doily.  Oh, and both doilies, I just watched a YouTube video to learn how to make. 

This one, I used Baguio acrylic yarn, 6 ply, in white.  I noticed right away that the best color to use for doilies is white.  It brings out the design even better.  But, acrylic is not a good yarn to use because it's a little "furry," or what we call here "mahimulmol."

So, then, I started making a bigger one, in oval shape.  I used Canon mercerized cotton in white.  Single strand only, and I used up 2 and a half balls for the whole thing.

Here showing my progress after a few more rounds....

And this one when I made a mistake and noticed it when I already made another round, so I had to unravel a round and start all over again.  *sigh*

And this is my finished "Oval Pineapple" doily, which I also got from YouTube.

That's my doily madness for now... On to my next WIP.

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